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Whenever I'm at a pivot point in my life or feel a bit stuck, I always come back to these tools (PDF to your bottom right): The Web of Life + Goal Catcher.


Using these assessments, you’ll be able to generate positive change as you explore and analyze the various aspects of your life and your current level of satisfaction within each. Using this knowledge, you will identify the areas of your life you wish to change most and set goals or intentions for each.


You may find yourself revisiting the Web whenever you explore a new direction or aspect of yourself. It is also a valuable resource for its ability to help you refocus and find the best path forward when you feel stuck.

*Important note regarding the PDF: Please complete steps 1-4 today. Leave Step 5 for tomorrow.

Day 3: Explore + Analyze your life, then use the Goal Catcher to create next steps forward. -->>

💙 Suzanna

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