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Executive Function Coaching is a personalized approach to help people develop their higher-order cognitive processes that are vital to academic/professional achievement, social interactions, overall well-being and life satisfaction. 


These executive functioning skills include:

  • Planning and goal-setting

  • Organization

  • Time management

  • Task initiation

  • Working memory

  • Mental flexibility

  • Self-control

People struggle with executive functioning for various reasons - ADHD, mental health issues, neurological conditions, or simply needing to build skills.

An executive function coach works one-on-one with clients to:

  • Identify specific executive function challenges

  • Set up structures/systems to manage weaknesses

  • Break down bigger goals into actionable steps

  • Improve organization and time management

  • Build sustained focus and minimize distractions

  • Develop personalized strategies to get things done

  • Provide accountability through check-ins

The goal is to equip clients with organizational skills, planning abilities, and self-management competencies. Coaching often utilizes tools like calendars, reminder systems, notebooks and apps to complement the personalized strategies. Sessions involve assessing client needs, establishing goals, making action plans, and troubleshooting what gets in the way.


The end result is building the skills people need to manage daily responsibilities, accomplish goals, and function more effectively in school, work and personal life. With improved executive functioning, clients gain confidence and independence.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Essentials

    Every 4 weeks
    $150 Per Session
    • 4 Sessions Every 4 Weeks
    • 20 Minutes of Meeting Preparation
    • Weekly Check-in's
  • Enhanced

    Every 4 weeks
    $140 Per Session
    • 8 Sessions Every 4 Weeks
    • 30 Minutes of Meeting Preparation
    • Bi-weekly Summary
    • Weekly Check-in's

Not sure about your next step?

Book a Breakthrough Call (it's free) + complete the application for 1:1 coaching; let's connect, talk about your goals and what's next for you!

There's no obligation, I have multiple price points for working together, and we'll only move forward if we both feel it's a fit.


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