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If you feel like you’ve lost a true sense of who you are and what you want in life...


or constantly feeling pressured like you SHOULD be doing more and your relationship with yourself is strained...


then Private 1:1 Coaching is for you.  In today's fast-paced world, where unrealistic standards prevail and daily struggles to simply survive can feel overwhelming, it's understandable to face significant challenges navigating life.


If you’re looking for clarity, support & strategies to help you move toward your goals, this 90 minute coaching session will empower you to begin creating the life you want to lead with authenticity, ease and joyful purpose.


These sessions are perfect if you want to:

  • Gain clarity and strategize on how to build a life you love.

  • Redesign life and work so you can operate day-to-day successfully on your terms.

  • Discover and deepen your understanding of your value system. 

  • Realign yourself with your purpose and what truly matters to you.

  • Learn how to set meaningful and effective goals with intention.

  • Identify patterns of self-sabotage and re-pattern with self-support.

  • Explore subconscious fear of failure and fear of success.

  • Untangle your sense of self-worth from your achievements.

  • Explore habits of people-pleasing and toxic productivity. 

  • Learn tools and practices to help navigate stress and anxiety.

  • Create a burnout recovery plan. 

  • Work on a specific challenge.

  • Rewrite and retell your life story.

  • Analyze your life blueprint.


These sessions include:

  • A 90 minute coaching session.

  • Follow up support and accountability.

  • Deep exploration of your current challenges.

  • Introduction to different coaching and psychosocial theories to help you make sense of your challenges.

  • Tools and techniques to support you in your day to day life.

  • Goal setting and accountability to keep you motivated.

  • A recording of our session on Zoom.

  • A session summary and action plan.

“Do not fear death, but rather the unlived life. You don’t have to live forever. You just have to live.” — Natalie Babbitt




Discover Your Extraordinary Purpose

Self-doubt. Frustration. Confusion. They creep in no matter the success you’ve achieved externally.

As an executive coach who works closely with high-performing leaders in flux, I understand the profound pressure to package confidence while burning out behind your achievements.

Together, we can illuminate all dimensions of your leadership capacity and breathe renewed purpose into your ambitions by:

  • Examining Blind Spots Sabotaging Your Potential

  • Transforming Chaos Into Rocket Fuel for Your Goals

  • Unearthing Your Inner Wisdom to Guide Bold Convictions

My unique integration of cross-cultural competency, intuition and strategy helps rising stars clarify their most powerful voice to create positive ripples. By learning to lead wholeheartedly from an integrated place of self-trust, stillness and vigor, your life’s work can elevate communities on a global scale.

Are you ready to operate as your highest self and make the impossible inevitable?


Let's have a candid conversation about dissolving what holds you back, so you can lean fully into extraordinary purpose.

The clarity and courage for change starts from within. Complete the application today.

Executive Function Coaching is a personalized approach to help people develop their higher-order cognitive processes that are vital to academic/professional achievement, social interactions, overall well-being and life satisfaction. 


These executive functioning skills include:

  • Planning and goal-setting

  • Organization

  • Time management

  • Task initiation

  • Working memory

  • Mental flexibility

  • Self-control

People struggle with executive functioning for various reasons - ADHD, mental health issues, neurological conditions, or simply needing to build skills.

An executive function coach works one-on-one with clients to:

  • Identify specific executive function challenges

  • Set up structures/systems to manage weaknesses

  • Break down bigger goals into actionable steps

  • Improve organization and time management

  • Build sustained focus and minimize distractions

  • Develop personalized strategies to get things done

  • Provide accountability through check-ins

The goal is to equip clients with organizational skills, planning abilities, and self-management competencies. Coaching often utilizes tools like calendars, reminder systems, notebooks and apps to complement the personalized strategies. Sessions involve assessing client needs, establishing goals, making action plans, and troubleshooting what gets in the way.


The end result is building the skills people need to manage daily responsibilities, accomplish goals, and function more effectively in school, work and personal life. With improved executive functioning, clients gain confidence and independence



  • Single Clarity + Strategy Intensive

    90 Minutes
    Valid for one month
  • 3 Month Private Coaching (10 sessions)

    or $921/month
    Valid for 3 months
  • 6 Month Private 1:1 Coaching + Mentoring

    or $791/month
    Valid for 6 months

Not sure about your next step?

Book a Breakthrough Call (it's free) + complete the application for 1:1 coaching; let's connect, talk about your goals and what's next for you! There's no obligation, I have multiple price points for working together, and we'll only move forward if we both feel it's a fit. *Waitlist

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