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The Secret To Achieving Your Goals

If you're struggling to achieve your goals, you're not the only one. Most of us have struggled at one point or the other. But how do we go about fixing the situation? What is the solution? It's not what you think.

Most people start by trying to change their habits or actions. Don't be like most people.

Reason #1 you are struggling to achieve your goals:

Your subconscious has different plans for you.

95% of our what we do is in our subconscious programing. If you have stronger, subconscious goals working in the background that conflict with your conscious goals, that's a problem. Your subconscious will always win.

The goal is to get your subconscious goals to align with your conscious goals. Then life's a breeze.


Goal: I want a promotion at my 9-5 job.

Subconscious desire/goal: I want freedom to travel the world and do whatever I want.

That's a conflict.

In a 2023 essay, "The Unconscious Sources of Motivation and Goals", published by the Oxford University Press, John Bargh (Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science at Yale University) and Peter Gollwitzer (Professor of Psychology at New York University), discuss the nature and operation of unconscious motivations and goal pursuit.

"Can we control our motivations? We believe the answer is yes, even for those motivations that operate unconsciously—once we become aware of them of course."

The secret is becoming aware of how unconscious influences operate on motivation and goal pursuit.

Reason #2 you are struggling to achieve your goals:

Your perceived goals are not aligned with your subconscious beliefs. Because your core beliefs are embedded through years of conditioning at a subconscious level, they are stronger than your conscious goals.


Goal: I want to be a billionaire.

Subconscious belief: Rich people are evil. Money's not important.

That's a conflict.

Reason #3 you are struggling to achieve your goals:

Your actions and habits are not aligned with your goals. You are not actively working toward what you want.


Goal: New Years Resolution to go to the gym everyday.

Habit: Not going to the gym.

That's a conflict.

The more you don't go the gym, the more ingrained of a habit it becomes.

And finally, the secret revealed!

When we realize our habits and actions are in conflict with our goal, most people try to change their habit/action first.

Don't do that.

Start by exploring your limiting subconscious belief system and subconscious goals.

Once those are aligned, you can address your habits and actions.


Thanks for reading!

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